MEmu App Player v3.1.2 Released

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Greetings Everyone!

A new version of MEmu App Player has been released and is available for download. The version for this build is 3.1.2. You can download and install it or you can also upgrade from an older version.

MD5 is b148efdcd4bb0315378dc3f4255b0a35. [This is used for verifying the integrity of the file.]
You can read more about MD5 here.

It was published on July 17, 2017.

Changelog For Memu App Player v3.1.2:

  • Add support to maximum resolution 4096*4096
  • Add support to save multiple key mappings for each game
  • Add support to export file or APK from Android to Windows
  • Add support to compress disk and create desktop shortcut in Multi-MEmu
  • Add support to hardware-assisted decoding for video recorder
  • Improve key mapping for MOBA game (Penta/RoV/SoK/王者對決), like aim, cancel, etc.Improve graphic quality of Lineage II
  • Improve graphic memory recycling
  • Improve input method for east Asian languages
  • Fix some tiny bugs

– It might take a while to install if you have multiple instances to overwrite.
– Android 4.4 is the default rom and you need download Android 5.1 rom in Multi-MEMU.

Download it Here: Link

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Our Review:

We have checked and installed this new version on our desktops and laptops; this build is running well and without any problem.

Other than it, this version is smooth and runs well even on a dual core machine with 4GB Ram and an old graphics card.

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Note: You can also download any previous versions of MEmu from the download page.

Let us know your thoughts or experiences with this version of Memu Player.

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