MEmu App Player v2.5.0 is released and available.

Memu App Player V2.5.0 Released

Memu App Player v2.5.0 Update is released, this article provides this version’s changelog and necessary information related to it. If you have any querries, questions or doubts; you may ask us in the comments section of this article.

There’s a new version of MEmu App Player which is available for download. There are few fixes of bugs in this version and is numbered as v2.5.0

It was released on 4/03/2016.


* Refresh home page, like add facebook lite
* Add support to customize and resize the WASD direction combo keys
* Add more multilingual support, including Croatian, French, Portuguese, Russian,Serbian and Spanish
* Improve the compatibility with Gameloft games
* Improve the uninstaller for trace cleanup
* Update ES file explorer and Google play games
* Fix some tiny bugs

Download it Here: Link

Our Review:

We have checked and installed this new version in our own desktops and laptops, this build is running well and without any problems.

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Note: You can also download any previous versions of MEmu from the download page.

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