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How to upgrade Memu App Player and retain user data in MEmu?


How to upgrade Memu App Player and remain/retain user data?#

There are two ways to upgrade MEmu in general:

1. Manual upgradeYou download offline or online install file and run it. The installer will uninstall the previous version and then install the new one. That means all user data including apps and games will be refreshed. So if want to remain user data,  you need to backup ahead. Please read another blog Restore User Data.

2. Auto upgradeWe activate the upgrade notification from server side and MEmu will bring up a popup upgrade window when it starts. If you say YES, the auto upgrade process will remain your user data. If you say LATER, the popup window will bring up a few days later. Before it brings up, you can actively initiate the auto upgrade process by clicking the Check Update button. Also it will remain user data.


Note: For the sake of reducing risk from upgrade, the new install file will be published in the user group and website ahead of overall auto upgrade. After a few days pilot run, all users will be notified to upgrade successively.

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