How to Install Virtual Box for KoPlayer ?

Install Virtual Box for KoPlayer

These are the steps for installing Virtual Box for KoPlayer.

With this, you can update your virtual box installation for your KoPlayer Emulator.

1. Find out a folder named “vbox.” It’s is in “D://KOPLAYER” as below picture shows.

2. Open “vbox” folder and find “VirtualBox.msi” to install as below pictures show.

3. After installation, it will ask you to restart your computer.

Select “No” and restart the computer by yourself. And restart KOPLAYER later.

Note: If some files of VBOX are missing (5 folders and 73 files in total) and reinstalling VBOX does no function, you can download below files and put them into installation path of KOPLAYER.

Thank you for reading this KoPlayer tutorial, if you want to ask any questions, you can ask it on our Forum or in the comments below.

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