How to get maximum performance in Droid4x with AMD Graphic cards

Get maximum performance in Droid4x with AMD Graphic cards

It is quite often to pop up the issue for updating the graphic card.

You can accord to following steps to switch to maximum performance, as your independent graphic card is AMD.

Before switching, it is suggested you make sure your system can show the all graphic cards.

Some bios maybe make the integrated graphic card forbidden after checking the independent graphic card.

It is not necessary to switch to maximum performance for an independent graphic card.

Checking steps
step  1.Open “Start menu->Run”(Win+R),input command “devmgmt.msc” to dialog textarea to open the device manager.

Step  2.Open the devices manager, show the graphics adapter and check If there are 2 or more graphic cards.

Steps of switching to maximum performance

Step  1. Right, click the mouse to open a menu, choose “Switchable Graphic.”

If there is no “Switchable Graphic”, maybe the driver you installed don’t have AMD CCC(Catalyst Control Center).

Please install the driver again and make sure the AMD CCC (Catalyst Control Center) has been installed

Step  2. Click “Add Application” button, then choose Droid4x.exe.

Step  3. Click “Not Assigned” button and select ” maximum performance”.

Step  4. After step 2, click “Apply” button.

Install the driver of AMD Graphics

Step 1.When you are installing the driver, choose “Custom.”

Step 2.Make sure “Catalyst Control Center” and “Microsoft .net FrameWork” has been chosen.

Install AMD ccc that is useful for running droid4x and other games.

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