How to Share data between Windows and AMI DuOS

This article concentrates upon how to let users share their data between AMI Duos and Windows.

AMIDuOS provides a great feature to share data between AMI Duos  and Windows.

The shared folders can be configured in DuOS Configuration Tool.

To Configure Shared Folders, follow the below steps,

1. Go to Settings → AMIDuOS Configuration Tool → General  → Shared Folders

2. Click on the button for required category to share the files

3. Browse for the Windows Folder to share with AMIDuOS and select it

4. Click On APPLY Button to save the selection

5. Restart AMIDuOS to take effect the change

C:Users<logged user>DuOSShare is the default windows share path of AMIuOS. The same will be mapped to/sdcard/Documents in AMIDuOS.(Verify the same with the help of any File Manager application preferably ES File Explorer)

Thanks for reading this tutorial. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments.

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