Windroye Android Emulator

Windroye was made by Beijing Windroy Technology Co. Ltd. which was established in 2013.

The main products are Windroy and Windroye, which make Android operating system running on the PC and tablet efficiently, and also bring large-screen unique experience.

On the technical route, Windroye takes direct porting. Though the development is difficult and takes long cycle, it brings superior performance. Windroye uses a virtual machine and pays more attention to user functional requirements and first-class experience.

Features of Windroye

  • Windroye makes Android run on Windows!
  • By Windroye, users can run apps like whats app, WeChat, Hike and even play exciting mobile games, experiencing new fluency thanks to PC’s large screen and high performance.
  • Windroye also contains PC side mate and mobile app, which let users quickly locate and install App.
  • Set geographic position for various apps.


  • AMD or Intel Dual-Core CPU that supports Virtualization Technology (AMD-vt or Intel VT-x)
  • Windows (All Versions)
  • 1GB RAM Minimum/4GB Ram Recommended
  • Up to 20GB Fee Disk Space ( After Installation of various apps this may increase )
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Capable Video Card (Graphics Card)


Fast Not being updated

Download Windroye

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