Download BlueStacks App Player

Download Bluestacks App Player

In this page, we have listed download links for Bluestacks App Player. Both official versions and rooted version of bluestacks are listed.

You can also download previous versions of Bluestacks, their links are also provided at the bottom of this page.

This page is updated with new links whenever there’s a new version available.

Note 1#: We only have listed Bluestacks App Player download links here, to get the download links for the newer version which is Bluestacks 2 , head over to this page.

    Last Update: Mar 06, 2016
Official Site
Company BlueStacks
Latest Version v 0.10.7  
Download Link (Official Link) 290MB Download

Usually 4 variants of installers available of Bluestacks App Player:

  • 1st is the official version which is directly available from the official source.
  • 2nd is simply rooted version which is rooted version but without supersu or superuser.
  • 3rd is a rooted version with SuperSU.
  • 4th is a rooted version with SuperUser.

At times not all variants are available.

All versions which we list here work well as we check them ourselves before posting it here.

Muti-Tab Version

Version Android Version Notes Download Link
v1.1.9.167 4.4.2 Download

Previous Versions of Bluestacks

Version Build Date Android Version Official Version Simply Rooted Rooted With SuperUS Rooted With SuperUser
0.10.7 5601 Nov 10, 2015 4.4.2 Download
0.10.0 4321 Sep 15, 2015 4.4.2 Download
0.9.34 4500 Aug 25, 2015 4.4.2 Download
0.9.30 4239 Jun 22, 2015 4.4.2 Download Download Download
0.9.24 5311 Apr 24, 2015 4.4.2 Download
0.9.17 4138 Mar 10, 2015 4.4.2 Download
0.9.11 4119 Feb 03, 2015 4.4.2 Download
0.9.8 4406 Jan 30, 2015 4.4.2 Download
0.9.6 4092 Nov 20, 2014 4.4.2 Download

Troubleshooting & Installation Guides