Download Ami DuOs

In this page, you can download Ami Duos, from the latest version to the previous versions, with direct download links.

Note: There are two versions of AMI Duos. AMI Duos Lite and Pro. AMI Duos Pro is v1.0 while AMI Duos Lite is the newer version which is v1.1.

  • AMI Duos Lite came after AMI Duos Pro.

News: There won’t be any new versions of Ami Duos Lite or Ami Duos Pro. However, you can use AMI Duos 2.

 Last Update: 1-08-2016
Official Site
Company American Megatrends, Inc.
Latest Version
v1.0.17.7563 (Current)
Download Link
(Direct Download)
Download (32bit)
Download Link
(Direct Download)
160MBDownload (64bit)

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Note: After installing AMI Duos, You require GAPPS For Google Play Services, you have to install it to get full android experience. It includes apps like Google Playstore and other services.

Gapps For AMI Duos98MBDownload

AMI Duos 1.1 Lite

Note: This version came after the AMI Duos Pro (v1.0).

Version Date32Bit 64Bit


Gapps For AMI Duos Lite (v1.1 onwards)Download

Cracked Versions

VersionAMI Duos Version
 Android Version  Notes 32Bit 64Bit
PRO (v1.0) 4.2.2
These are only cracks that will work for the version mentioned.

The previous Version’s of AMI Duos

Version Date Android VersionNotes 32Bit 64Bit

Troubleshooting & Installation Guides